Need Planning Permit in VIC

Do you need to lodge a VIC Planning Permit Application?

In Victoria, a planning permit application is not necessarily required for residential development and a building permit application can be made directly to your Council or a Private Building Surveyor.

However, a planning permit application will be required for residential development by the local Council if

  • On a lot less than 300m2;
  • Development proposes two or more dwellings; or
  • Where an Overlay applies.

These include for example Overlays protecting the heritage character of an area, bushfire management, Special Building Overlay (overland flooding), or vegetation protection.

The planning permit application will be assessed against the relevant municipal planning scheme, which includes the relevant policies and decision guidelines.

For residential development and residential subdivision the Rescode design guidelines are included within the planning scheme.

The planning scheme will also prescribe which applications are exempt from public notification and third party appeal rights.

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