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PPLAN Town Planners have extensive experience in assessment of development proposals and review of site planning and design in compliance with New South Wales’ State and Local planning requirements.

We skilfully navigate through the maze of complex town planning regulations to ensure the best appropriate outcome for your project.

Lodging a Development Application

In New South Wales, most development will require a development application to be lodged with the Council.

The application will be assessed under the Council’s

  • Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and
  • Development Control Plans (DCPs), as well as
  • State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs).

The DCP will prescribe which applications require public notification.

The application may involve the use of land, the erection of buildings, site works and subdivision.

Development Types

PPLAN is able to help you submit Development Applications for the following types of developments:

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› Houses non-compliant with the requirements under SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
› Duplexes, townhouses, and apartments



› Development impacting on the appearance of heritage buildings
› Shops, restaurants and other retail premises
› Professional offices, medical centres, gyms and other related services


› Factories, warehouses, service premises and other industrial buildings

How PPLAN Can Help
With Your DA

The NSW Development Application Process

Where a development consent is required in New South Wales, we will:

  1. Complete all necessary development application forms
  2. Liaise with the Private Certifier if required
  3. Prepare a submission supporting the application, responding to the  Local Environmental Plans (LEP), Development Control Plans (DCP) and  State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP)
  4. Prepare submissions to support a Variation to a  Development Standard under an LEP
  5. Complete associated application forms for plumbing, driveway, stormwater and erosion and sediment control
  6. Complete a BASIX assessment to ensure houses meet energy and  water sustainability requirements
  7. Check compliance with covenant requirements where these have  been imposed by the Council
  8. Undertake a self-assessable bushfire assessment
  9. Lodge the development application document
  10. Liaise and negotiate outcomes with Council during the application  assessment process

Other Development Advice

Once an application has been assessed and approved, we will review the conditions and advise whether any further representations need to be made to Council.

Depending on the nature of the application, it may require referral to other government agencies and the preparation of specialist reports, for example bushfire assessment; environmental impacts and traffic studies.

Do You Need Development Consent?

PPLAN Town Planners for NSW Development Consent Applications

It is important your application is properly made with all the relevant information included. 

A poorly made application can be rejected after a couple of weeks, which means you lose valuable time and money.

PPLAN will look after your DA all the way.
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