Development Applications

How PPLAN Handles your DA - Preliminary Advice

PPLAN can provide preliminary advice about whether your project is likely to be approved, approval costs and timelines.

We can undertake a detailed site appraisal of how your land can be used and what you might be able to build

PPLAN’s Town Planners have considerable experience and knowledge of complex local Council and State Government rules about development.

The Development Application (DA) Process

Site Visit

  • » Significant features of the site
  • » Environmental constraints
  • » Physical improvements
  • » Nature of surrounding land use and development

Planning Records Search

  • » Previous applications on the site
  • » Title, easement , covenant details
  • » Location of infrastructure

Precedents Search

  • Investigating whether any precedents have been established on nearby sites

Key Planning Issues

  • Identifying any key planning issues including possible objections


  • Discussing the proposal and arranging a pre-lodgement meeting with the Council if necessary


  • Providing feedback on the proposal and suggesting any changes

It is important your application is properly made with all the relevant information included.

A poorly made application can be rejected after a couple of weeks, which means you lose valuable time and money.

PPLAN will look after your DA all the way.