Fast-tracking development applications via RiskSMART

PPLAN is a Brisbane City Council (BCC) accredited RiskSMART consultant.

We are able to offer you a  fast track approval process for selected low-risk development applications within the Brisbane City Council area.

What is RiskSMART

RiskSMART is a streamlined fast-tracked approval process for accredited consultants to submit low-risk, decision-ready development applications that comply with the RiskSMART lodgement criteria.

How PPLAN can help you through RiskSMART

As a RiskSMART accredited consultant, PPLAN can lodge eligible development applications with Council through the fast track RiskSMART approval process.

Lodging applications through the RiskSMART process will allow you to receive the following benefits.

Benefits and Advantages of RiskSMART

  • Fast approvals
  • Premium service
  • Increase certainty
  • Low holding costs

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PPLAN can help fast-track your development application.

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