About Us

PPLAN Service Expertise

PPLAN’s Town Planners provide expert Town Planning consultancy services throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, focusing on

  • site planning and design; and
  • assessment of development proposals in compliance with State and Local planning requirements

We have a broad client base that includes home owners, major project home builders and property developers.

Town Planning Expertise - Development/ Planning Applications

We are Town Planning experts in the preparation of development/planning applications for:

Residential Apartments | Houses | Duplexes | Townhouses | Flats | Dwellings on small lots | Infill Developments | Small subdivisions and related work

Community Child Care Centres | Schools | Education Buildings | Hospitals | Health Care | Medical centres | Retirement Villages | Recreational Facilities

Retail & Mixed Use Shops | Shopping centres | Restaurants | Other retail premises

Commercial Professional offices | Indoor Entertainment Centres | Indoor Sporting Complexes | Gyms and other related services

Industrial Factories | Warehouses | Service premises and other industrial buildings


Development Applications and Related Services

Our Town Planning services includes preparing development applications and other related services for:

  • The Material change of use of land
  • Subdivision, Reconfiguration and boundary realignments
  • Erection of a building
  • (Operational) Works applications
  • Demolition
  • Referral to other agencies
  • Making a change application

Using state of the art technology and software, we are able to navigate through complex regulations and onerous paperwork, to obtain your development consent sooner.

Comprehensive Town Planning Consultancy Services

We also provide:

  • General building and Town Planning consultancy services
  • Town Planning submissions eg to rezone land
  • General environmental advice
  • Site assessment and
    feasibility advice

PPLAN Town Planners for Town Planning Development Applications NSW VIC QLD

You need confidence that your project meets the required standards, is resilient to public scrutiny and is processed efficiently.

Our experienced and qualified staff will competently steer your project through the regulatory maze.

Your business is secure with PPLAN.